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A Microsoft Excel Checkbook Register (June 2023 Version)

I originally posted my free Microsoft Excel Checkbook Register in 2019. Over the last 4 years, I have received lots of positive feedback on YouTube, which helped drive ongoing enhancements.

“I mistakenly thought that Excel would have a simple and easy to use checkbook register template. Not so! They offer one but it was extremely frustrating to use. However, your spreadsheets were extremely easy to use and I thank you very, very much for sharing your expertise!” (John J.)

NOTE: The Excel Checkbook downloads have now moved to the official site.

To see a brief walk-through of the 2023 version, see the YouTube video below.



    I would really be interested in this sheet if it offered split transaction capability. I have never seen that done in Excel, but would like if it were possible.

    • Logan

      Hi George, I’ve never seen it done in Excel either and I have given it a great deal of thought and I don’t think it’s possible within Excel — especially when you want it to still work with charts and dashboards for visualization of expense categories. I did enjoy that feature of Quicken, but the ongoing cost for that program caused me to leave it long ago.

      • George Hammond

        I agree. I am still using Quicken, but may soon give it up. There just isn’t enough there to justify the cost. Thanks for replying.

  2. anIL miSRA

    I love your check register. The November 2023 Edition has a bug in in Register 3, seems like it does not like to update beyond hardcodd $ amount. Seems like formula is missing from the column for register 3. Therefore I am forced to use your June 1029 (*earlier ) edition). However NOvember 2023 edition has a cool Common future transaction feature that I woule love to use. Please provide your thoughts I could be reached at ANIL_MISRA@HOTMAIL.COM

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