Comment Rules

All first time comments are moderated. I will do our best to approve a first time comment in a timely manner.

All users need to use a functioning email address. The use of a fake or non-functioning email address will result in your comment being deleted. Pseudonyms are permitted.

I write about issues that might not be child-friendly. Please be aware. I also use profanity from time to time and I allow the use of profanity in the comment section.

I reserve the right to approve or not approve any comment. When a comment or a commenter is abusive towards me or the community of people who read this blog, I reserve the right to ban the commenter.

If you can be respectful, decent and thoughtful, your comment will always be approved. Unfortunately, there are many people, Evangelical/Fundamentalist Christians in particular, who have a hard time playing well with others. Frank, honest, open discussion about religion, Christianity, and Evangelicalism is encouraged and welcome. I do ask atheists to refrain my attacking people who still believe in God.

My writing can be direct and pointed at times, and my response to comments can be that way too. Please do not confuse my directness and pointedness with me attacking you. This is a grown-up blog, so crying that I offended you will fall on deaf ears. Ideas and philosophies should be scrutinized and debated.

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