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The Fastest TMJ Relief (Do-It-Yourself)

This is not an ad! Several months ago, while eating a horribly tough piece of bacon, the left side of my jaw popped. I immediately had some pain and further chewing became quite uncomfortable. As the weeks and months went by, I kept hoping it would get better on its own. But it didn’t.

I finally made an appointment with my dentist who recommended a good night (teeth) guard since nightly teeth grinding can often cause TMJ and/or make it worse. I also learned that physical therapy is a very common approach to eliminating or reducing jaw pain from TMJ. Jaw pain due to TMJ seems to be a fairly common condition that a lot of us face. It’s frustrating because it takes one of life’s great pleasures away! Eating!

I looked at different articles and videos related to getting relief from TMJ, and I wanted to share the video resource that I thought was the most helpful.

If you suffer from TMJ, please share any tips or tricks that have helped you!

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