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Triumph Tiger 900 – Radiator Fan Airflow Deflector Install

I purchased my 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro motorcycle in April 2022. It’s a terrific bike, but one of the most common complaints regards the hot air exhaust that hits your knees because of the placement of the radiator fans. I saw one guy who fabricated his own deflector. It was effective for him. But for the low cost of $35 USD, I’m happy to buy a pair rather than make my own.

In the video below, I walk through the installation of the radiator fan airflow deflectors that I purchased from AliExpress. Here’s the link to the deflectors.

Other Tiger 900 Upgrades and Accessories

Here’s an earlier post with a rundown on upgrades and accessories that I’ve added to my 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro motorcycle.

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