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Triumph Tiger 900 GT Upgrades & Accessories (June 2023)

I purchased my new 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro motorcycle over a year ago. It’s a terrific bike, and like all of the motorcycles I have previously owned, it’s fun to upgrade and accessorize. The updated video below showcases upgrades and accessories I have installed on the Tiger 900, along with purchase links.

Tiger 900 GT Upgrade and Accessory Links

Here’s a rundown on upgrades and accessories that I’ve added to my 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro motorcycle. Links for items are below:

Triumph Tiger 900 GT (Low/Pro) / Rally (Pro) 2020+ NANO GLASS Dashboard Screen Protector

Givi Windscreen

Tecreddy Motorcycle Power Adapter DIN Hella Plug to Dual Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger

Motorcycle Handle Bar Riser Clamp Extend Handlebar Adapter Mount For Tiger 900 GT PRO LOW RALLY For Tiger 900 / Tiger 850

RAM Mounts X-Grip Large Phone Mount with Handlebar U-Bolt Base RAM-B-149Z-UN10U with Medium Arm for Motorcycle

Fuel Tank Bag Luggage Motorcycle Navigation Racing Bags Tanklock

Sargent World Sport Adventure Touring Seat

The Max Mile Air Cushion

Givi V47NNT Tech 47 liter Monokey Motorcycle Top Case Black

Givi Aluminum Trekker Monokey Topcase Plate M9B

GIVI SR6415 Bike Specific Rear Rack

GIVI TRK35PACK2A Set of 2 TRK35NA Monokey Cases Silver

Givi Plo6415mk Pl One Fit Side Pannier Holder

Pannier Liner Bags / Inner Bags Side Cases For GIVI V35


TuneECU (Android app) to reset service light

Headlight Guard Cover Protector Grill

USB-A 2.0 Extension Cable, 6 ft.

Garmin 010-02036-06 Drive 52, GPS Navigator with 5” Display

GPS Navigation Bracket

Motorcycle Accessories Side Bag Storage Waterproof Triangle Bag

SW Motech Crash Bar Triumph Tiger 900

Grip Puppy Comfort Grips

Tiger Tank Pads / Gas Tank Side Knee Pad (not mentioned in the video)
List on ALI Express / Specific tank pad


This will be a significant update to my video from a year ago, to showcase upgrades and accessories on my 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro. Everything shown here should work on Tiger 900 GT’s and GT Pros and most items should also work on the 900 Rally Pro.

I’ve had my Tiger 900 for 14 months now. It’s my 10th motorcycle that I’ve owned, and my first Triumph branded bike. I’m very pleased with it, and it never ceases to put a smile on my face when I ride it.

I’ll start up front to talk about accessories and add-ons.

  1. The Givi D6415st Windscreen was an early upgrade for me. A year later, and I’m still super happy with the extra wind protection it provides. I’m 5′ 10″, and I can easily see over it, and I appreciate that it mounts to the existing slider for easy adjustment, up and down. This particular item is not compatible with the Rally Pro model, or at least the literature indicates it’s not compatible.
  2. I have a speedo-angels screen protector on my TFT, to help protect the screen from dirt and scratches. Visibility is still good. No complaints with this item.
  3. Above my TFT, I bought a GPS bracket from ALI Express. There are nicer brackets out there, for example the GPS bracket from Evotech, but this was a lot more affordable around $25 US dollars (shipping included). It comes with a cable to connect directly to your battery so that the two included USB connectors are powered, and I did wire that up but I normally don’t use that for powering my GPS because it’s an always-on connection. Instead, I ran an extra long USB extension cable that plugs into the USB port under the passenger seat. I prefer using that since it only powers on when the key is on. So it’s a keyed power connection. I’m currently using a cheap Garmin Drive 52 GPS. It’s a car GPS, so it’s not water proof and it doesn’t work with gloves, but I’m not ready to shell out $500 bucks on a Zumo GPS at this time. So this works for me. But if you buy this item, take note that they offer a 12mm vs a 22mm version, and depending on how thin or thick your gps is… I accidentally got the 12mm which isn’t big enough so I’ll probably swap it out in the coming weeks.
  1. I bought a handle bar riser from ALI Express, with the hope of both raising and bringing the handlebars back toward me a bit. It was a modest improvement. I wish it was a more significant shift back, but cable length for the handlebar controls would be a factor if the risers were taller. They are very inexpensive, so they are worth the price. But don’t expect a significant change.
  2. Next, I have a RAM mount X-grip here for when I want to have my cell phone visible and accessible. I have often wondered how secure this grip is, but even with aggressive riding, the grip has held true on my smartphone. I’m happy with this. I know there are legitimate concerns around vibration that can eventually damage the Optical Image Stabilization in most smartphones. For that reason, I try to avoid having my phone attached to the handlebars for any extended amount of time.
  3. Somewhat related, I hear some people complain about handlebar vibration on the Tiger. I don’t have any complaints. I don’t know if that’s because I installed these grip puppy comfort grips onto the bike early on, or not. But this is a cheap enhancement that I definitely recommend.
  4. I have a DIN plug adapter that will give me two USB powered ports if needed. If I plug it into the front DIN port, it’s always on. Sometimes that can be handy but I don’t like to leave it in there for an extended period. I will say that I have left it plugged in for weeks at a time, and I didn’t have any battery drain problems. YMMV. Plugging it into the passenger side DIN port is an option as it isn’t powered unless the bike is running.
  5. Before I move away from the front of the bike, I’ll mention a purchase that I rarely use. I bought an inexpensive tank bag from ALI Express. The quality is great, especially for the price, but it seems nearly all of the tank bags you might purchase for the Tiger all share a common complaint which is that the ignition key area is largely blocked, so removing and inserting the key is a challenge. For that reason, I rarely use my tank bag.
  6. Within a few months of owning my Tiger, I bought the Sargent World Sport Adventure Touring Seat with the hope of getting a more comfortable seat for my rump. My tailbone gets sore pretty easily. I wish I could say that this Sargent seat upgrade made a huge difference. It did not. It is more comfortable than the stock seat, and it’s still heated too, but I’m not sure it was worth the roughly $550 I paid for improved comfort. Now a cheap enhancement I did was the purchase of this air cushion seat pad. There are lots of brands. I’ve used an Airhawk before on another bike. This is The Max Mile branded seat cushion, which is cheaper than the Airhawk and I’ve been happy with it.
  7. I’ll move on now to my panniers and top case. I have the GIVI V35, their 35 liter storage cases on the sides. And I have the GIVI 47 liter top case. It’s big enough to fit my full size helmet. It’s supposed to be big enough to hold two helmets but I’ve not had a reason yet to try that. My side cases provide a decent amount of storage space and I like how easily they’ll pop off. I bought some inexpensive bag liners from ALI Express that are working well. I know a lot of guys prefer the boxy look of rectangular panniers but I went with these which are cheaper. They are mostly plastic with some aluminum. I have no complaints.
  8. Moving to the side, I bought this inexpensive Waterproof Triangle Bag from ALI Express. I bought a pair but so far, I’m only using one of them on this side. It was easier to mount/strap on the right side of the bike vs the left side, and I have some extra tools in this triangle bag. This was a nice cheap add-on.
  9. I added a SW Motech crash bar a few months ago. That was a difficult choice. There are lots of forum posts around the different brands and choices for crash bars, and that includes complaints about the OEM crash bars. I don’t know if there’s a perfect choice here but I decided to just get these lower crash bars from SW Motech. They are very well made, and they should protect my bike in most instances of going down on the side.
  10. The last two items I’ll mention regard the ability to reset the service light on your own. While you can pay your dealer to reset the service light, assuming you are doing your own oil changes, etc., but a lot of us have bought the Tune ECU app, which is an android-only app so it’s not available for the iPhone. I use it with an expensive Samsung tablet. But you also need a higher end OBD adapter, and this one from OBDLink called the LX has worked great for me.

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