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A Better Microsoft Excel Checkbook Register – Part 3

While recently preparing to give a training call on Excel to staff, I decided to further enhance the sample checkbook register spreadsheet that I created for download.

The spreadsheet that I personally use to manage my checkbook includes a tab to help me track my personal debt (mostly credit card debt) with the goal of paying it all off. So I felt this was a worthwhile sheet to add to the sample Excel checkbook file offered here.

The latest version includes this new sheet called Card Debt, which has a simple table to enter your current credit card balances along with the starting balance (usually the highest balance you’ve had on the card).

NOTE: If you are using the previous spreadsheet and/or if you just want to add this new sheet to a file you already have, it’s easy to copy it into your current spreadsheet. To do so:

  1. Have your current working spreadsheet opened in Excel.
  2. After downloading this new file, open it up in Excel.
  3. Do a right-click on the Card Debt tab and choose “Move or Copy…
  4. When the ‘Move or Copy’ dialog box appears, change the “To book:” to be your current working spreadsheet.
  5. For the “Before sheet:” setting, I’d recommend choosing ‘(move to end)’ but pick your preference.
  6. Click the “Create a copy” checkbox and click OK.

To see all of the latest versions of the Excel checkbook register spreadsheet, please visit this site dedicated to that content


    • Logan

      Hi Tina, that could be kinda hard unless you are an Excel junkie like me. How many credit card charts would you like?

      • Logan

        Hi there, I just updated the original version to support up to 8 credit cards. If you re-download the sample spreadsheet, you could then either copy/paste your checkbook transactions from your current spreadsheet into the new version; or you could copy the new “Cards” sheet into your working copy.

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