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I stumbled onto a website recently that impressed me. Some might find it a little too busy but on a laptop/desktop computer, it has a nice layout, flow, and visual design, but most importantly, the message is good. It’s quite different from our usual blogs. I like the way the information was laid out. The face-pic backgrounds are a bit much but again, the content and flow is good.

It’s called Check it out sometime.


5 thoughts on “Website called

    • Ah, I didn’t try it on a tablet. Yuck, that’s not good. Hmm. When my tablet is turned sideways it is more like the desktop PC layout. But not enough white space on the tablet (landscape) view.

      • I rarely use my tablet sideways. I’ve just tried. It’s still ugh. It’s basically too busy. Who’s going to wade past the imagery to read the message? Today’s style I guess …

  1. Love the website. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if anyone who is a true believer would ever read and consider its content. It would be a good resource of someone struggling with questions. I especially love the attention paid to living for the present.

  2. That’s an interesting website. I like its Cliff Notes set up. Good stuff, and definitely not too busy on a ‘normal’ laptop. Thanks for sharing it.

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