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Website called

I stumbled onto a website recently that impressed me. Some might find it a little too busy but on a laptop/desktop computer, it has a nice layout, flow, and visual design, but most importantly, the message is good. It’s quite different from our usual blogs. I like the way the information was laid out. The face-pic backgrounds are a bit much but again, the content and flow is good.

It’s called Check it out sometime.



    • Clay

      Ah, I didn’t try it on a tablet. Yuck, that’s not good. Hmm. When my tablet is turned sideways it is more like the desktop PC layout. But not enough white space on the tablet (landscape) view.

  1. Ronna

    Love the website. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if anyone who is a true believer would ever read and consider its content. It would be a good resource of someone struggling with questions. I especially love the attention paid to living for the present.

  2. Aram McLean

    That’s an interesting website. I like its Cliff Notes set up. Good stuff, and definitely not too busy on a ‘normal’ laptop. Thanks for sharing it.

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