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Televangelists and Other Pond Scum

Even while I was a fundamentalist Christian, I despised televangelists. Most of them proclaim the prosperity gospel, and they routinely take advantage of those who can least afford to give away their money. So it was a great enjoyment to watch John Oliver open up a can of whoop ass on the scum in his latest episode of Last Week with John Oliver.

It’s well worth the time.

Published on Aug 16, 2015


  1. Birdie

    I really appreciate you putting this up because we need to expose these evil people for what they are. I however, couldn’t watch it. It dug up emotions that I had not felt in years. The feeling that if this is what is being preached and that in the deepest part of me I knew was wrong, what else was wrong. I mean, this isn’t a little discrepancy between what churches believe. This is so off base that It is frightening. How can anyone read the bible and go from feeding the hungry, caring for the sick and elderly to this? The prosperity message was preached every Sunday from the pulpit. The pastor and his wife have 3 grand pianos in their home. Meanwhile, I paid my 10% and more and never had enough money to buy healthy food and save a dime to put towards having a home of my own.
    If there is a hell these are the type that God must send there.
    Sorry this is convoluted. It brings up a lot for me and there is no way that I can even begin to put it in words.

    • Logan

      I totally understand. I have profound seething anger for these monsters who prey on people. It’s especially disgusting when they specifically target those that have very limited funds. It’s one of the times I wish there was a hell.

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