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Scientology – Craziness in Abundance

leah-remini-troublemaker-bookLeah Remini, actress and former Scientologist, has an 8-part television series on A&E entitled Scientology: The Aftermath. Recently, she did a reddit AMA that was quite interesting, and she will apparently answer more questions on reddit tomorrow.

Three episodes have aired so far (Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST).  The current episodes have centered on former Scientologists and the costs they have paid, both financially and emotionally, thanks to their devotion to the religion.The third episode focused on the financials, where former members shared that the church charged them over $250,000 to achieve the higher levels in Scientology.

The Church of Scientology has often been a very litigious organization, going after anyone who is critical of their “church”. Former members are treated and painted as evil people, whom the church typically describes as opportunists and/or whiners with an ax to grind.

My only complaint of the A&E show is that it tends to repeat portions of the content, likely in an effort to stretch it out on the A&E network for advertising benefit. But other than that, it’s a fascinating look behind the curtain of craziness. Check it out.


  1. ... Zoe ~

    I’ve been watching it but not on Tuesday nights. We get a repeat on Sunday at 8 p.m.

    I am particularly interested in it right now as I noticed a nephew had one of the Scientology books laying out on his table. My first thought was, *#(%. 🙁

      • ... Zoe ~

        Me too Clay. He’s new to Canada and I suspect somebody’s already earmarked him for recruitment. I’m hoping I can approach him without him getting defensive. I myself have two books on Scientology by those who left. I will offer him those books to read and hope he does if in fact it seems he is interested.

        • ... Zoe ~

          Hi Clay,

          Wanted to come back and let you know that indeed a co-worker gave him the first book to read. Thankfully, he’s not interested. He asked me if I knew anything about Scientology so we had a great talk. He has not even opened it yet. I said well if you decide to read it out of interest sake fine but don’t buy it or fall for it. We had a great conversation about religion, spirituality, beliefs and non-beliefs.

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