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Is This a Scam? Loveunic 4 Cylinder Full Metal Car Engine Assy Kit

It looks so cool! What is it? A 4 Cylinder Full Metal Car Engine Assembly Kit Model Toys

Have you ever ordered something, but the thing you received was *so* misrepresented, it was comical? I would be laughing, but I was scammed out of $57. It wasn’t funny. I’m angry enough to post about it and expose these crooks.

Company/reseller: Loveunic ([email protected])

Wait till you see the pics of what I received…

For geeks and mechanically minded nerds like me, this thing looks really cool! The description and images above from the reseller indicate it’s a kit you assemble which includes 325 piece in total. I personally saw this item was being advertised on TikTok. If interested, you can see their online store front page here: 4 Cylinder Full Metal Car Engine Assembly Kit Model Toys for Adults

So what did I receive?


A cheap piece of plastic that looks like it was painted by a 4 year old, that is probably worth $3.

And does the company have a return policy? Sure! But it’s totally bogus and uses a fake (non-existent) email address.



    • Logan

      I started a PayPal claim against them, which causes PayPal to email them. Curiously, the company responds to that email! And they then privately offered me a 20% refund (laughable), or a full refund if I return it to China, which would cost me another $20 or more in shipping, with the likely outcome that they’ll claim they never received the return.

    • Logan

      I took my box to the post office to learn how crazy expensive it would be to try and return it to Hong Kong. It was something like $27. So I didn’t want to risk spending another $27 and have the seller then claim they never got the return and thus refuse to refund my money. I’m sure they understand this scam and that we customers are unlikely to pay to return their stupid piece of plastic. But I did file a Paypal claim (dispute), and the Loveunic company emailed me privately afterwards and offered me a 20% refund since I was “unhappy” (lol). I decided to take it.

  1. Brian

    Yup. Consider the money gone. I got the same thing. However, the FTC says you are under no obligation to return something you did not order and is considered a “free gift”. SO, you did not receive what you ordered and can keep asking for a full refund. I am at like reply 21 with them…but they aren’t going to return the money at this point.

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