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Is This a Scam? Loveunic 4 Cylinder Full Metal Car Engine Assy Kit

It looks so cool! What is it? A 4 Cylinder Full Metal Car Engine Assembly Kit Model Toys

Have you ever ordered something, but the thing you received was *so* misrepresented, it was comical? I would be laughing, but I was scammed out of $57. It wasn’t funny. I’m angry enough to post about it and expose these crooks.

Company/reseller: Loveunic (

Wait till you see the pics of what I received…

For geeks and mechanically minded nerds like me, this thing looks really cool! The description and images above from the reseller indicate it’s a kit you assemble which includes 325 piece in total. I personally saw this item was being advertised on TikTok. If interested, you can see their online store front page here: 4 Cylinder Full Metal Car Engine Assembly Kit Model Toys for Adults

So what did I receive?

A cheap piece of plastic that looks like it was painted by a 4 year old that is probably worth $3.

And does the company have a return policy? Sure! But it’s totally bogus and uses a fake (non-existent) email address.

Update (Dec 2021): it appears that these crooks will take down their old website(s) and then open a new one under a different domain and URL. See my follow up posts here and here.


    • Logan

      I started a PayPal claim against them, which causes PayPal to email them. Curiously, the company responds to that email! And they then privately offered me a 20% refund (laughable), or a full refund if I return it to China, which would cost me another $20 or more in shipping, with the likely outcome that they’ll claim they never received the return.

      • Rich

        Same experience here. I also opened a paypal claim. I’ll see where this goes. Only $39 for an all-metal working V8 engine kit. Too good to be true! I guess it is. I hate being scammed like this but at least it was only $39.

    • Freddy

      This is a huge scam! I filed with PayPal. The company first offers low ball, then higher. I paid $40, I refused 1st offer of $12, then they offered $28. I took it. They make a profit either way. If you subtract shipping from $12 and then maybe $0.50 for the cheap plastic, they make money.


    Different company, different email (, but i got exactly the same piece of plastic.

    Any idea how to proceed? or it is just money lost?

    • Logan

      I took my box to the post office to learn how crazy expensive it would be to try and return it to Hong Kong. It was something like $27. So I didn’t want to risk spending another $27 and have the seller then claim they never got the return and thus refuse to refund my money. I’m sure they understand this scam and that we customers are unlikely to pay to return their stupid piece of plastic. But I did file a Paypal claim (dispute), and the Loveunic company emailed me privately afterwards and offered me a 20% refund since I was “unhappy” (lol). I decided to take it.

  2. Brian

    Yup. Consider the money gone. I got the same thing. However, the FTC says you are under no obligation to return something you did not order and is considered a “free gift”. SO, you did not receive what you ordered and can keep asking for a full refund. I am at like reply 21 with them…but they aren’t going to return the money at this point.

  3. Engine

    The same for me, only they offered $3 as refund at first and then $6 🙂 They cheated on all of us. Has anyone solved this with paypal? Seems they have buyer protection policy.

  4. Charles Ireland

    Scammer offered a refund if I shipped it back to China.
    I refused.
    Scammer offered me $6 to leave him alone.
    I refused.
    I opened a case with Paypal, and they are issuing a full refund.

  5. Karl Goin

    I did the same thing, same scam different company, same result. They continued to keep offering full refund if I shipped it back to China :-). Or, a percent offer, also laughable! I told them I’d escalate with PayPal, they upped the offer. PayPal ended up refunding the entire amount back to me. Whole thing took months and I now have a free, ugly engine plastic paperweight. Now that its done it’s a great story.

  6. Diggsy

    Like the others, got the cheap plastic lump. I didn’t bother trying to deal with the company since it was clearly a scam. Instead I took it straight to PayPal and filed a refund request. PayPal sent an offer from Helkay for a $6.00 partial refund (laughable) and I said FU (well, they didn’t have an FU button, unfortunately, but I declined.) PayPal then refunded the full amount. I still have the crappy lump of plastic. I might drill through it and make it an Xmas tree topper.

  7. Ron Regnier

    I just received mine what a scam. I filed a claim with PayPal yesterday waiting to see what they say . Hoping they will refund the total amount. That why I use PayPal for this kind of scams. wish me luck

  8. Peter McParlin

    Ordered the all-metal, working V8 engine model kit on Dec 25th after seeing the Saltdays glossy and persuasive ad on the YouTube platform. Within hours I was reading reviews of buyer’s experiences like those on this site. E-mailed Saltdays next day requesting a full refund of my UK£44.98. Seller responded next day saying the resin(!!!) engine was out of stock and re-stocking would take 15-20 days. Told me I could wait and receive priority shipping after they fulfilled back orders, or I could have a full refund. Said gimme a refund. Same day I contacted Saltdays advising them I was on to their ‘bait and switch’ scam, insisting they DO NOT mail me a piece of resin tat instead of the metal kit I ordered and paid for. Told them I’d notified PayPal of what was going on. Today, Dec 28th, I heard back from Saltdays twice. Firstly asking me to photograph the item I’d received so they could address the quality control issue. Their second e-mail said that due to Covid, they could not receive my package and could only offer a 50% refund. F that! I immediately escalated my complaint with PayPal to a full claim for a refund and sent them full details of the convos between Saltdays and myself. Had a response from PayPal earlier today saying they already contacted the seller and are awaiting their reply. So let’s wait to see what develops…

  9. Peter McParlin

    UPDATE: Great news folks. PayPal e-mailed me on Dec 31st telling me they’d reviewed my case against the seller Saltdays, found in my favour and confirmed they’d given me a full refund of my UK£44..98. Cheers PayPal!
    RESULT!…..and a lesson learned.

  10. Peter McParlin

    Also noticed today these engines are currently listed on the AliExpress site priced between $5-$7. Noted that the sellers are still using photos of the assembled ‘ALL METAL’ engines, but at least they do say in the item description the engine you’re buying is made from resin. At the kind of bargain basement price these are being sold at, I don’t reckon anyone could really expect to be getting the All Metal version.

  11. will

    Paypal is getting smart. When I filed my claim they responded that they would investigate my claim. I wasn’t even off the internet before I got a reply that they were going to refund my money. Evidentally they have seen a lot of these claims

  12. john

    I got my piece of crap in the mail today, this is a scam company, advertise a model working engine and I got a carnival prize piece of shit for my money.

  13. Joe Burbridge

    We had same experience, except we paid with a CapitalOne Visa. My wife is contacting CapOne to attempt a chargeback. Since it has been about 30 days from the date we oredered until it came today maybe our charge back rights are expired.

  14. Terry

    I bought both versions of the models – both came at as anoth comment described – a block casting (one piece) poorly painted – would not even make a good doorstop. I ordered from Amazon and the refund could not have been better. The first had the routine of contacting the shipper – and they approved a refund without returning the one piece joke. The second was refunded without any query and they did a 100% refund the VERY SAME DAY! It seems the service agents for Amazon got the word to just refund any request for refund/return. Both “engine models” went in the garbage for the landfill – a good place for them.

  15. Tim

    I just got my piece of shit today. I ordered on FACEBOOK. Yes, those assholes put scams up all the time. Call somebody a moron and you get thrown into Facebook jail but you can get scammed and its totally legit. Mine came from erduoi which was not who advertised on FB. I immediately opened a complaint with PayPal with pics of what I got and what was advertised. I don’t give a shit if they respond or want it shipped back no way in hell this is going anywhere but in the trash. PayPal is very good with issues like this and I expect a full refund will be received. All the ads and proof of purchase on Facebook are gone. Mine came from “New Jersey” So if they think they can pull some bullshit where it needs to go back to Scam Central Asia they can kiss my ass.

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