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Another Scam? 8 Cylinder Engine Model Kit Adult (Weecoly)

Is this 8 Cylinder Full Metal Engine Model Kit a Scam?

I previously posted about getting scammed on a 4 cylinder engine kit.

Today, I saw a new variation which features an 8 cylinder metal model kit, selling for $49.97 from a seller called Weecoly (see pics below). It’s also featured on YouTube under VRSGS ( I saw this ad on TikTok. Real metal engine kits are expensive, typically running $400 or more.


Buyer beware! These guys change their domain names faster than babies getting their diapers changed.


  1. Kevin

    Those bastards got me too!!!!!!! I had a great video of this engine being built and working it started popping up on my feeds. I thought what a great christmas gift. My box showed up yesterday and it was just like your pictures. Mine still smelled like airplane glue. I dont understand why they even put out the effort to do anything at all.

  2. Robert Aymond

    I’m so sorry you guys got ripped off. Rest assured though, you just saved me & probably hundreds of other folks like me from getting scammed too. For that I thank you. It doesn’t get your money back but they don’t get my & others money either.

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