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Response to Tragedy: God Did It?

There have been many tragic violent incidents in the news lately in the U.S. Just yesterday, a young boy killed Zoe Galasso and wounded four others at school before taking his own life. Apparently, the Washington school shooter had texted lunch table invites to his victims (news story here).

These tragic incidents often rile up conservative Christians who will say that such events are a consequence of our country having abandoned God, and/or because the Bible or prayer has been removed from our schools. Do they have it right?

Brandon Fibbs has produced several amazing videos over the last few years. I have featured a few before on my blog. Nearly two years ago, he created a video called “God Did It: A Response to the Tragedy at Sandy Hook” and I think it’s still very pertinent today. Give it a watch if you haven’t seen it before.


“To suggest that God could have, and wanted to intervene in this horrible tragedy but stayed his hand because of his anger at decisions people totally unrelated to these innocent children made, is quite frankly, disgusting. If God’s idea of justice is to punish children – – to literally riddle their tiny bodies with an average of a dozen bullets each, and not the people who actually perpetrated these crimes, like legislators, homosexuals, and atheists [like me]? What kind of justice is that?” [Brandon Fibbs]

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