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(More) Hilarious Examples of Video Conference Call Fails While in Quarantine

We continue to have lots of new users of video conferencing thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a second installment of hard lessons learned for new video conferencing users, e.g., “fails”. You can check out the first collection here (opens in new tab).

Some people just can’t figure out camera angles! Or maybe they just have a nose for conferencing.


Check out the dude on the right side who seemed to forget he wasn’t wearing any clothes!


Interesting time to dye your hair while on a Zoom call!


Zoom has a fun “virtual background” feature but sometimes it doesn’t always go as planned…


The gallery view (Brady Bunch view) can be nice until you realize that everyone has people in different spots/corners on their screen vs. what you see!


Oops! Someone forgot to fix their Zoom name before a work call!


Even the Brady Bunch had Trouble Back Then!

This meme is hilarious! Especially if you’re old enough to remember the Brady Bunch TV show!


Reminder: If you missed the first collection of hilarious fails, you can check that out here.

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