Josh Feuerstein – Where's the Camera!?

josh-feuersteinjosh-feuerstein.png-gofundme-cameraPastor Joshua Feuerstein has often posted to YouTube in support of his Christian beliefs. He has posted videos with titles like, the $100,000 Atheist Challenge, and Allow Me to Destroy Evolution in 3 minutes.

In the fall of 2014, Josh Feuerstein was asking for $20,000 for a super-duper Red One video camera. Josh apparently wanted to produce better YouTube videos. The odd thing is, Josh apparently received over $7,000 in funds (and likely the full $20,000) but no word on what he did with those funds.josh-feuerstein-cartier-watch

Oh wait, he’s sporting an expensive Cartier watch and his wife is showing off a beautiful engagement ring. Hmm…

Seth Andrews, a professional video producer, asks a few questions regarding Joshua Feuerstein’s fall 2014 campaign for all of that money.

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  1. he got at least the 20k as he posted this on Facebook.

    THANK YOUUUUU!!!! We just hit our $20,000 goal!!!! We are getting ready to TELL THE WORLD about JESUS in a really big way!!!!

    You can still donate and be part of the MIRACLE –>

    After the –> was a link to the gofundme page… that he has taken down.

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