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Josh Feuerstein – Where's the Camera!?

josh-feuersteinjosh-feuerstein.png-gofundme-cameraPastor Joshua Feuerstein has often posted to YouTube in support of his Christian beliefs. He has posted videos with titles like, the $100,000 Atheist Challenge, and Allow Me to Destroy Evolution in 3 minutes.

In the fall of 2014, Josh Feuerstein was asking for $20,000 for a super-duper Red One video camera. Josh apparently wanted to produce better YouTube videos. The odd thing is, Josh apparently received over $7,000 in funds (and likely the full $20,000) but no word on what he did with those funds.josh-feuerstein-cartier-watch

Oh wait, he’s sporting an expensive Cartier watch and his wife is showing off a beautiful engagement ring. Hmm…

Seth Andrews, a professional video producer, asks a few questions regarding Joshua Feuerstein’s fall 2014 campaign for all of that money.


  1. greg

    he got at least the 20k as he posted this on Facebook.

    THANK YOUUUUU!!!! We just hit our $20,000 goal!!!! We are getting ready to TELL THE WORLD about JESUS in a really big way!!!!

    You can still donate and be part of the MIRACLE –>

    After the –> was a link to the gofundme page… that he has taken down.

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