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Jetpack, ‘We’re sorry, but an unexpected error has occurred’ – SOLVED

I wanted to share a solution that worked for me. If you use the popular Jetpack plugin but you can’t get it to connect to your account, please read on.

At some point in the past, my Jetpack plugin got uninstalled and when I re-installed it, I couldn’t get it to connect to my WordPress account. Instead, I kept getting an error when I attempted to connect with my account. The error:

We’re sorry, but an unexpected error has occurred

I searched for suggested fixes and I tried removing the Jetpack plugin and re-installing it; and/or deactivating all other plugins and trying again, etc. That did not help. Jetpack support provided the following:

First, please install and activate this plugin:

Once activated, it will remove any stale Jetpack data on your site. Deactivate the plugin, then try to connect Jetpack to your account again.

If that doesn’t work, please try installing and activating this plugin instead:

Once installed, try to connect Jetpack to your account again. This plugin uses a slightly different connection flow, which may help with the issue you’re having. If successful, you can then delete that plugin.

I’ll add that the first plugin suggested did not solve my problem but the “old-connection-flow” plugin did work for me, so hopefully this might help others too.

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