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Flooret Modin Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring – Before and After

When we decided to replace our old parquet wood flooring, we spent a lot of time trying to choose our new flooring. We wanted something that would be water resistant, scratch resistant, durable and attractive. That eliminated hardwood flooring in our opinion. Ceramic tile was definitely an option, and we have very nice ceramic tile flooring in our bathrooms and basement. But since we were targeting our kitchen and front foyer area, ceramic seemed too cold and anti-septic. So after a lot of research, we chose luxury vinyl plank (LVP).

There are a lot of great LVP options out there! I spent way too much time buying samples and performing scratch tests, etc. We learned there were many fans of Flooret, which is a direct-to-customer line of luxury vinyl plank. I purchased six different samples before we decided on their Ashford line of LVP.

We are very happy with the end result! Here are a few “before” pictures.

And here are several “after” pictures (which includes our kitchen cabinets being painted white).

I tend to be a DIY sort of guy, but this project was at a higher level than I have previously tackled. I wasn’t sure if I could address it. Removing the existing flooring and then prepping the sub-floor was my biggest concern which I wrote about previously.

I’ll write about several lessons learned in the future, but I wanted to share our end result which we’re very happy with.

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