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Condemnation vs. Entitlement

A few weeks ago, I posted about Bible-based condemnation that many people experience in their life (especially in fundamentalist churches), and the unfortunate consequences that some suffer as a result (e.g., depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts).

sense-of-entitlementIn contrast, I have often found many fundamentalists who seem to have a strange sense of entitlement about life, and I wonder if I am mistaken in correlating the two?

The Bible does a terrific job of condemning people for their sin. We are told we are unclean, unworthy, depraved, and guilty of eternal punishment (just to name a few). But the Bible also tells believers that they are “God’s chosen people” (Col. 3:12), and that they are precious, and “bought with a price”. Christians are also told they will receive crowns of glory, eternal life, and “mansions” in heaven (ok, the better translations say ‘rooms’). But anyway, some still only hear the word ‘mansion’.

Does this contribute to a sense of entitlement among some fundamentalist believers? Do you know Christians who act and believe that they deserve the best things this world has to offer, without the usual sacrifice or hard work that normal human beings toil under?

Maybe it’s just a coincidence.


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