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Young Atheist Responds to Pastor Greg Locke

I just stumbled onto a young fellow named Alex J. O’Conner (a.k.a. CosmicSkeptic)  who recently posted a YouTube video. It is too good to not share.

Alex’s video is in response to Pastor Greg Locke who resides in Juliet, TN. Greg Locke claims the Bible is infallible. Okay, nothing unusual there. As a former evangelical fundamentalist myself, it’s a common mantra that I heard frequently growing up.

But Alex does a masterful job responding directly to the points that Pastor Greg Locke lays out. I don’t know how old Alex J. O’Conner is, but damn. I feel better about the world’s future thanks to young, smart, articulate people like Alex.


  1. Ronna

    I love this guy, with his logical mind. Problem is, true believers don’t have logical minds. It’s lost on them because they are so busy living by blind faith. I don’t even try to have these conversations as there is no point.

    • J Scott

      Interesting because it seems as if your video is riddled with fallacy. Alex you condemn this preacher/pastor for his conviction and his communication of it but you do the same in your video…a little hypocrisy posssibly. Appears to come down to starting points. You choose to believe in man so your starting point is man’s word and this other guy believes in God so his starting point is God’s word. Everyone has a starting point or foundation for their belief system. Food for thought. Best to you and your future Alex.

      • Clay Gibney

        Hi J, thanks for stopping by. I’m not Alex nor the author of the video, so you may want to leave your original comment on Alex’s youtube channel. But I do agree with Alex, who has chosen to follow science and evidence rather than belief in the supernatural.

        It’s true that we all usually have a starting supposition or framework. I was a fervent believer for a long time myself, and my story is far too long for a comment thread. But please do consider what faith truly is. It’s belief without evidence. If evidence were abundant and/or overwhelming, faith wouldn’t be needed. That’s the nature of faith. But let’s get real. Religious faith is belief IN SPITE of the evidence. That’s true of Christianity. In spite of the facts that the genesis account of creation is demonstrably wrong; in spite of the silliness of talking snakes, talking donkeys, and a man living inside the belly of a large fish for 3 days; in spite of the facts that a significant portion of the Bible is anonymously written and full of contradiction, many people believe. They believe in spite of the evidence. They believe because it’s what they were raised to believe.

        And while many of us find that incredulous, I am grateful for the freedom of belief. And I’ll fight for the right for people to believe what they want. But I’ll also continue to point people toward truth, evidence and reasonable thinking.

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