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Vox amPlug for Electric Guitar – Very Cool

VOX-amPlug-Classic-Rock-Amp-front2Last month I bought one of these little Vox amPlug devices for my electric guitar. It’s powered by a pair of AAA batteries, and it’s meant to be a perfect travel companion and/or a great way to practice without disturbing others. You simply plug a pair of headphones into the device and then plug the larger 1/4″ jack into the guitar. The sound quality of these $40 – $50 devices is quite amazing.

They have been around for several years but I’ve been living in a cave when it comes to this stuff. There are 4 different models (AC30, Bass, Classic Rock and Metal). They offer three distinct amplifier voicings, nine types of selectable, built-in effects (Reverb x 3, Chorus x 3, Delay x 3), and for the Bass model only, it offers nine built-in rhythm patterns. They all feature a folding plug design that rotates 180 degrees for convenient storage and performance with a variety electric guitars.

I bought the Classic Rock model but I’ll likely get one of the others in the future too. Here are the different models:Amplugs-621x450

These little devices feature 3 turn-dials and two buttons for selecting the various effects and adjusting volume, gain and tone. You can even plug an MP3 player into it and jam out with whatever song you play on your MP3 music device. If you’re an electric guitar player, check ’em out sometime. Very cool.


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