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Unicorns and Dinosaurs

images-things-in-the-bible-and-one-not-in-the-bibleI often stumble across things that others have no doubt seen long ago but they are new to me, and perhaps they will be new to others.

This poster is quite a feast for the eyes. This is an instance where a collage of 15 pictures can be worth 15,000 words (but not to worry, this post will be short). Click to view a larger version and see if you can guess which thing is not in the Bible (hint: it’s the only thing that is/was real).

I know that some will dispute whether unicorns are mentioned in the Bible, which is the word that the KJV translation used vs. the more modern translations which translate re’em as a one-horned wild ox. Also, the KJV uses the word satyr which we know from Greek and Roman mythology as the half-man / half-beast creature vs. a hairy/wild goat that may be what was intended in those passages.

Even if those concessions are made, a person has to truly turn off rational and evidence based thinking to believe in dragons, talking snakes, 7-headed beasts, demons, witches and giants.

Sorry Rex, the ark is full.

Rex and Jesus


  1. ... Zoe ~

    This reminds me of a little girl in our neighbourhood who asked me if dinosaurs were real. I asked her what she thought. She told me that she thinks they are real. I asked her what she has heard from others and that’s when she told me that others said dinosaurs were not real and never lived on the earth. So I asked her where she heard this and she told me some children at school and she had learned this as well at Sunday School.

    I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up. “A palaeontologist” she replied. I smiled. Then I asked her how we could know that dinosaurs were in fact real and did live on the earth. “Fossils” she said. I smiled and said “That’s right.” We talked about the fossils and they are our evidence as to their reality.

    She went home beaming from ear to ear. Six years old. 🙂

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