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Sex Room Items for Sale

It was a lot of fun to build an adult sex room a few years ago. Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, it’s time to dismantle the room and sell off some neat pictures and items. In the case of floggers and related items, don’t worry, they barely got any use. 🙁 They are still like new.

Suspension Bar

Comfort Grip Leather Suspension Cuff System, $80

You can see details on this item at Extreme-Restraints where I bought it (my total cost was $190). It’s really well made!

Floggers and Paddles

I have several available for sale.

(#1) Purple flogger (soft leather). Price: $20 (SOLD)

(#2) Large flogger, yellow/brown, soft leather, $30 (SOLD)

(#3) Leather, cat tails flogger, $20 (SOLD)

(#4) Silicon paddle, black, nice quality, $10 (SOLD)

Art and Pictures

(#5) Framed art, man’s hand on a woman’s throat, $20

(#6) Female Shibari Torso Bondage Woman, Body Art, Sculpture, $20 (SOLD)

(#7) Framed art, man going down on a woman, $20

(#8) Framed art, nude line drawing, $10

(#9) Framed art, nude line drawing, $10

(#11) Framed art, naked woman, $20

If you have interest in any items, let me know which item #. You can contact me at