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Sam Harris on Morality and the Christian God

Perhaps you have watched the debate between William Lane Craig and Sam Harris before, or perhaps you’e seen the excerpt from that debate that features Sam Harris discussing the morality of the Christian God, but featured below is a mash-up of pictures with Sam’s excerpt. Wow. It’s incredibly impactful and deserves a wide audience.

[Edit, 12-31-2015] The original video is gone but I found a substitute below. If it doesn’t play as an embedded video, click here.


  1. Annie

    A wide audience indeed. It would be difficult for anyone to dismiss the images in this video. If nothing else it would certainly get some believers to think for a change!

  2. Pat the Pat

    I feel this discourse as poor as those so called christian who depict christian faith in such middle age caricature.
    I’m catholic christian by the civilisation that arised from Jesus Christ and what wise people made of it until now. One can choose just to see the shadow but it’s only a small sonsequence of the light of the sun.
    I’m not sure somewhere a humanized version of conscience called god exist, and I don’t care indeed, I just know good willing people can achieve great endeavour just using reason, that’s the only speach a sensible human and christian can follow.
    Finding the origin of universe or menta illness in religion are the two side of the same coin.
    Reason and debate are deeply trooted in western civilization, Jesus is one the participants, a major one, with Aristote and many other thinker because they had no limit but reason.

    • Clay

      Pat, I appreciate the visit to the blog and your comments. I especially appreciate that you took the time because I’m assuming you are located in France and English is perhaps a secondary language for you. It sounds like you agree that human reason and sensible logic are good things, and I’m happy to share that conviction with you. Here in the U.S., we do have a significant percentage of people who are conservative fundamentalists who believe the earth is only 6000 years old. They do not agree that there’s value in human reason.

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