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Convert Truist Transaction File to SunTrust File Format (Excel Macro to reformat Truist to SunTrust layout)

SunTrust bank became Truist in late 2019, and shortly after, the option to download your bank transactions to a CSV file also changed. The former SunTrust file format had a column for withdrawals (debits) and a separate column for deposits (credits). That was ideal for those of us who maintain Excel checkbook spreadsheets. Unfortunately, Truist changed their file format so that there’s just a single column called Amount, and withdrawals are represented as negative numbers.

I wrote this macro long ago so that I could continue to easily import my Truist transactions into my Excel checkbook register spreadsheet. This short blog post will point you to my YouTube video where you can learn how to record your own Excel macro to do the same.

To see a walk-through, click the play button below or visit this YouTube link here.

May 2023 Update: To see all of the latest versions of the Excel checkbook register spreadsheet, please visit this site dedicated to that content.

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