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How to Rename Worksheets (Tabs) in Excel Checkbook Register Spreadsheet

You can safely rename the worksheets in the Excel checkbook register spreadsheet. However, there are a few important considerations and additional steps to perform.

How to rename a worksheet (tab)

To rename a worksheet, right-click on the tab (e.g., Register1) and choose Rename from the pop-up menu. Type your new name and press Enter to complete the process.

Update the Reconcile Worksheet

After renaming your worksheets, it’s a good idea to visit the Reconcile worksheet in order to put a similar label in the table under Register Name.

Save your spreadsheet!

Before performing the next step, it’s important that you save your file with the permanent name that you want to keep, e.g., My Bank Accounts or My Checkbook. This will be important so that you can also fix the Dashboard screen and have it show your preferred worksheet names on the dashboard.

Update the Data Source Setting

This spreadsheet uses Excel Power Query to combine transactions into a single source for charts and graphs. So you’ll need to make sure that power query knows your new filename.

After saving this new spreadsheet to a permanent home folder on your computer (along with the desired filename), do the following:

  1. Click the menu choice for Data –> Get Data
  2. Click the menu choice for Data Source Settings
  3. On the dialog box that appears (sample screenshot below), click the Change Source button and then click the Browse button and find your new spreadsheet file and then click OK and click Close.
  4. Save your file (again!) to your existing filename

Refresh your Dashboard

After you have updated the data source setting above and saved your file again, you can visit the Dashboard screen and see your updated worksheet names.