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What Are Things That Are True, but Christians Aren’t Ready To Hear It?

It’s been a while since I’ve written a religion related post, but a recent TikTok (shout out to @m0ther0fd0gs_ on this) was quite good and I wanted to have a stored reference along with a few additional comments of my own.

This is a top 10 list of things that are true, but Christians just aren’t ready to even have a conversation about them.

  1. Christians are way more interested in Pauline theology than they are in the actual teachings of Jesus. What does that mean? Christians will talk about love, but they definitely aren’t interested in showing love and compassion to strangers or foreigners, or (gasp) their enemies! And, hey, fuck the poor, right? They need to get a job!
  2. Christians claim their religion is based on love but it’s actually driven by a fear of hell. And Christians are quick to threaten those who oppose them with that eternal threat.
  3. Teaching kids that they are inherently bad is child abuse. It’s not helpful. And in many cases, long term religious trauma is the impact.
  4. Tithing is just glorified extortion. And oh my, do preachers love to sermonize about giving your money and time! But especially, your money.
  5. Christians are willing to demonize, victimize and vilify and strip the rights from the LGBTQ community, and yet most have never even done the requisite research to understand how and why the word homosexual ever ended up in the Bible. (P.S. The word wasn’t even in the original King James Bible, nor in any Bible until 1946).
  6. What most Christians stand for today would have been antithetical to the actual Christ. Today’s version of Christianity is more akin to nationalism, and in many cases, just plain ole white supremacy.
  7. It’s not unconditional love it it comes with conditions. And boy, are there a LOT of conditions.
  8. Many of the church’s teachings of today would have been considered heresy by first century Christians.
  9. Christians credit God for things like finding a parking spot or seeing your favorite sports team win, but you never wonder why God doesn’t feed all of those starving kids. See this post for a reminder.
  10. Christian rap is an abomination. It’s just bad.

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