Spring is here!? My mind and the weather are both bipolar

We’re only into early April but this year has been weird. My mind and thoughts have often felt as bipolar as the weather. We had two snows here in Virginia after spring came!

I haven’t blogged much at all in the last 6 months. I’ll have ideas but I’ll lack the drive to make it happen. I sometimes feel consumed by current news and politics too. I find myself checking the news headlines via my phone or computer at least 6 times a day! I worry about our planet and country, and I worry if we can survive 3 more years of this Trump administration!

Ugh! I don’t like being worried and consumed on a daily basis about it all. I’d rather spend those spare brain cells planning for happy events in the future.

Speaking of which, my wife and I had friends over for Easter Sunday for a potluck. It was our first social event in our new house, and we had a wonderful time with our secular friends! Lots of good food and a full bloody Mary bar was on hand. Our friends loved the warmth and layout of the house, which lended itself to having different small groups in different rooms but it all still felt open and airy. That was a big attraction for us to the house when we bought it. The original owners had a typical formal dining room and a formal living room. But we decided, “to hell with that!” and we made the dining room into a nice bar area and the front room was set up as a casual sit-down area. We love it.

Speaking of Easter, I was motivated to write this short post after reading Alice’s recent post at Whatsoever is Lovely. I share her reflective thoughts about Easter and also the sentiment that I’m actually grateful to have known that perspective of having once been a devoted Christian. Having been on both sides of the fence is helpful, especially if you get the opportunity to have an open conversation with someone about it all.

Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy your Spring! They’re calling for some more snow in our area this weekend!


One thought on “Spring is here!? My mind and the weather are both bipolar

  1. The weather has been bipolar here in Indy, too. We had snow and sleet Friday night and cooler than I would like temps. I’ll be so glad when the weather gets nice, I have so many things to do and the yucky weather seems like a great procrastination tool that needs to finally go away 🙂

    I don’t follow the news AT ALL. It is for my own sanity and what you said about using your brain cells planning happy events sounds like a much better use of time. I remember back right after 9/11 I was completely obsessed with the news and this was before I was really online very much, so all I got was the mainstream media stuff—YIKES!

    Not that there is anything wrong with being involved in the world scene, it’s just not for me, anymore. Back then (circa 9/11), I was waiting for the world to end anyway, so there were other things going on , too.

    I’ve been out of the blogging community lately, sucked into facebook land, but I’m trying to get back. I just found your new address and I’ll be checking out some things I missed.

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