Roy Moore, the GOP and Pedophilia

You’ve probably heard about the allegations against Roy Moore, the Republican nominee in Alabama for a U.S. Senate seat. If not, you can catch up via the recent Washington Post article.

The following page includes some of the most interesting tweets I’ve seen on the topic.


















One thought on “Roy Moore, the GOP and Pedophilia

  1. Thanks for the reminder about Anthony Weiner; that is a really good point. Here’s another good one:

    a pundit on one of my podcasts asked, “so if not this, what then? What will be the thing that is beyond the pale for the Republicans? What will be the thing that they finally cannot attempt to defend? I mean is it going to come to child rape? Are they going to be defending child rape someday?? Because when that happens it’s game over for democracy.”

    Well, it took a year.

    Absolutely stomach-turning. We have badly lost our way.

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