Moving My Blog from to GoDaddy

wordpress-to-godaddyI started this blog on the free service back in April 2014. I’ve had a few unrelated sites before, but this blog — about my journey away from faith — became far more important to me than the others.

Since I work in the IT field and since I spend a lot of time in web technologies, I thought it might be a good project to migrate off of the free site, and move over to a hosted plan where I would have full control over everything. I debated doing this for months, and finally decided to do it last weekend. Unfortunately, I later realized I did it the hard way. While there are a few pros to the hard way, if I had to do it over I’d probably take the easier approach.

If you’re reading this, I guess I can be happy for progress? My site has been successfully moved to a GoDaddy hosting plan, complete with the extra expense of an SSL certificate so that ‘https’ is there and Chrome can be all happy and shit by showing the little green padlock. Yay. As if my blog content needs any security, lol. But hey, Google search rankings take a hit if your site not’s secured. Okay, whatever.

I knew this would be a time sink, but I didn’t realize how bad it was going to be. I’ll share later about the process I took along with the reasons why you probably shouldn’t do it the same way, along with faster ways to migrate. Lessons learned.

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