Nosebleeds Mean You’re Possessed!

I often read posts on reddit and one recent post was so damn crazy (but believable), I just had to share.

I was in my church sitting in the back, playing some games with my friend. My parents force me; I’m a junior in high school. Regardless, the pastor was talking about the devil convincing people to do bad acts and how we shouldn’t give into temptation. Later, I noticed blood dripping on my phone. This stupid bitchy girl who keeps trying to talk about how she is so good noticed, and started fucking YELLING at me. I don’t know what was going on, I didn’t know why there was blood but she said I was getting FUCKING “possessed by the devil” and drew a lot of attention.

The pastor then walked over to me, chanting something like, “You see what the devil does?” Really, I was appalled at them, but at the time I didn’t know I was having a nosebleed. Once he walked over, I really thought he was about to hit me or something, and we had an awkward stare-down before I decided to leave the room.

I actually left my bible behind, and after washing my face, I entered back, the class went silent and everyone ignored me. At the end of class, I went to get the useless book, but the pastor confiscated it because of something along the lines of “Until the devil in you is cleansed, you should not be exposed to His holy word.”

I then explained to him how it was a nosebleed and I did not appreciate the way he acted. His response? “Who do you think gave you that nosebleed? SATAN.” Then quickly walked off muttering “God be with you.”

What. The. Fuck

Also, to clarify; It wasn’t the nosebleed that got them. A lot of people here are saying that they act like they haven’t had a nosebleed. I actually didn’t know I had a nosebleed, and they didn’t either. All they saw was blood suddenly appearing next to my bible and phone, I had no trace of blood on me or my nose (there was on the inside but not exterior.)

I think after he realized, he quickly walked off and said that because he didn’t want to admit he was wrong, but still, wow.

Fundamentalist craziness. I’m so glad to be away from it.


2 thoughts on “Nosebleeds Mean You’re Possessed!

  1. Never had a nosebleed that I can remember. Hmmmm.
    Nosebleed spelled backwards is “deelbeson.” Isn’t Deelbeson a demon? There ya go. It DOES make sense. LOL! Thanks for sharing.

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