Halloween Fun After Deconversion


Halloween 2014

I love Halloween. I remember lots of conflicted feelings about All Hallows Eve during my adult Christian years. After all, fear-mongering conservative Christians said it was the devil’s day — a Satanic holiday rooted in evil!

After opening my eyes to the silliness of believing in a horned red-colored monster, it’s now one of my favorite holidays. It’s fun to dress up and hang out with friends. Eat. Drink. Laugh. It’s a blast to decorate the house with silly, scary Halloween ornaments and lights.

We have an animatronics clown that groans and kicks its legs; a spider that falls down from the ceiling when there’s a noise; a scary skeleton head that yells and taunts; strobe lights; cob webs, tomb stones, and more. I feel like a kid when decorating each year.


Halloween 2015

We have fun picking out costumes and attending our secular friend’s annual Halloween party. This year, we went as clergy. I was a naughty priest with a flogger tucked into the belt of my robe, complete with a Bible that concealed a flask inside. Rebecca dressed as a naughty nun (or as the manufacturer calls it, the Bad Habit Nun). We took home the trophy for best costumes.

Life is so much more fun without the craziness of fundamentalism! Can I get an amen?



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  1. You: “After all, fear-mongering conservative Christians said it was the devil’s day. A Satanic holiday rooted in evil!”

    Me: Yup. That would be me once upon a time. *sigh*

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