Trump Supporter Denial

donald-trump-tumbs-upAs a citizen of the USA, the last 12 months with Donald Trump have been gut wrenching. The American people elected a narcissistic idiot who constantly has his ego at the forefront of everything. He’s a threat to the safety of the world and an embarrassment to the country.

But here’s the thing that truly baffles me. Why do his die-hard supporters still snuggle under his wing like his breasts hold the only life sustaining nourishment that’s true in this world? Why don’t they see what the rest of us see? That he’s one of the most superficial persons on Earth, full of hot air and obsessed with greed and self regard. He’s deluded. Thin skinned. Devoid of empathy. But his followers think he’s doing great!


It’s cult-like. It’s reminiscent of religious indoctrination. It’s very us vs. them tribal mentality. Help me! I’m truly trying to understand the cult-like support.

When I think back to all of the past presidents during my adult life, the list includes Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. I voted for nearly all of those presidents, but I certainly didn’t think any were conceived by way of immaculate conception. There were things that all of those presidents did that caused me to question their wisdom or ethics. I suspect most informed citizens felt similarly. All of our past presidents exhibited a mixture of wise and not so wise decisions. Of course, they would have access to information we don’t, so maybe the decisions that seemed unethical or unwise on the outside, had real merit? But Donald Trump is a whole new ballgame.

Why is Donald Trump different for his supporters? Why are so many blinded to his severe flaws? His own GOP party has been caught (often on tape) acknowledging that he’s a moron. But supporters view Donnie as a savvy businessman who is getting shit done!

What’s going on here? Is it severe denial? Extreme confirmation bias? Why is this presidency so different?

3 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Denial

  1. I don’t follow him on Twitter but if you look at the ones the news media prints with an unbiased eye, they all cater to the “deplorables” just like when he was campaigning. The rest of us can only shake our heads in amazement that these people are so gullible.

  2. His following is frightening to me; a cult of celebrity founded, deeply, in racism and ignorance. I think it is proof of the failing of our educational systems and social support systems. In order to elevate a population, they must be educated well. In order to participate in full education, children and families must have their basic needs met. Otherwise we get large numbers of citizens unable to think clearly, unable to empathize. They are gullible and self-interested. Politico has done some fascinating interviews with Trump followers, including coal workers who are rejecting opportunities to be educated in different fields. They prefer to believe that coal is coming back instead of taking the educational/vocational opportunities being literally handed to them.

    • I think you really hit the nail on the head. An educated population is critical to the future success of this nation (or any nation). I was flabbergasted when I heard about the coal miners being offered free educational opportunities in other fields, but they didn’t want to let go of the lies and promises that were made on the campaign trail. Renewal energies are now cheaper than coal. Coal is dead, but they refuse to bury it (or maybe better said, ‘leave it buried’).

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