Re-blog: Courting Trouble, The Christian Practice of Marrying Off Teen Girls


(This picture was staged – not real)

I saw this today and thought it was really well written. It deserves a wide audience.

The article is on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) website. It’s entitled Courting Trouble, The controversy over Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore sheds light on the fundamentalist Christian practice of marrying off teen girls, written by Matt Kwong. An excerpt follows:

The first time Samantha Field was allowed to wear makeup was at a wedding in her ultra-conservative Christian community two weeks after her 16th birthday.

The bride was a friend around her age from the nearby Faith Independent Baptist Church in Niceville, a sunny northwest Florida town billed as “the nicest little city in the South.”

At the reception […] an older woman touched her shoulder. “Sweetie,” the woman called her….

Field, who is now 30, remembers the woman appraising her looks before introducing her son, a bachelor.

“She asks how old I was, and I’m like, ’16,’” Field recalled. “And she says, ‘Oh, that’s perfect!'”

The woman’s son was a fully grown adult who looked to be at least in his mid-20s and an aspiring police officer. It became clear to Field what was happening. “She was throwing him at me,” Field said.

You can read the full article here. I’m glad that this horrible practice and culture of child marriage in the US is getting more attention. Here it is 2017, and there are still young girls being indoctrinated and filled with romanticized notions of how great it is to marry much older men and become obedient stay-at-home baby makers.



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