The blog at is back!

I stumbled onto Bruce Gerencser’s website at earlier this year and quickly became a fan. I realized recently that I stopped getting regular emails from my subscription to his blog. Zoe informed me that Bruce decided to shutdown his blog after consulting with his doctor and wife, so that he could focus his energies on other aspects of his life.

I see now that one of those unscrupulous domain name servers ( has swooped it up.

I am grateful for Bruce’s writing and wit, and for all that he shared, and I am sure I’m not alone in wishing him all the best!!

[December 13, 2014] I’m happy to see that Bruce’s website is back! 

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  1. Hi Logan,

    Bruce and I are friends and we stay in touch. Bruce closed his blog. He took it down and left a post indicating he was done with blogging. After consulting with his doctor and wife, he has chosen due to his limitations to focus on other aspects of his life. The notice was up only for a short period of time. I saw this post here and thought I’d let you know. I’d be happy to let Bruce know you were thinking of him and sending best wishes if you’d like.

  2. Hey Logan, thank you for the kind words.

    Here’s the letter I sent out:

    Please forgive me for sending a bulk email. Since I shut down my blog last week, I have received a lot of email and I want to acknowledge those who have taken the time to write me. I appreciate your kindness and support.

    Several people have asked for a more detailed reason for shutting down my blog. After discussions with Polly, my counselor, and my primary care doctor, I came to the conclusion that I could no longer do A B C D and E. I decided I could only do two of the five and blogging was not one of the things I chose to continue doing. Due to declining health, I can’t be the multitasker I once was. I no longer can be good at A B C D and E, so I chose the two things I could still be good at, photography and woodworking.

    It was time…as several of you know from the back channel discussions we’ve had, I was running out of steam, wondering if I really had anything more to say. As the gambler said, you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them.

    Thank you for understanding.


    Since then I have developed a bacterial in my left foot. Hopefully we have caught it early. Very painful and deadly if not treated.

    I appreciate your friendship. Drop me a line when you have so time. If anyone asks for my email address you have my permission to give it to them.


  3. I miss Bruce. He helped me so much through his blog. I always looked forward to his thoughts on the latest happenings.

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