Favorite Post vs Most Popular Post for 2015

I’m just a bottom tier blogger but I’ve enjoyed sharing my story and writing posts of interest these last 2 years. I am grateful for the virtual friendships I’ve made with fellow bloggers and for all that I’ve learned from writers and readers/commenters.

I’d love to hear from other bloggers:  which post in 2015 on your site was your personal favorite and which post was the most viewed (popular). Are they the same? Or different?

josh-feuerstein-cartier-vertical-videoFor 2015, the most viewed post on my site was a short one about Josh Feuerstein, called Where’s the Camera? It’s no doubt been popular because he is so often googled due to his popularity in social media. Feuerstein is an American evangelist, former pastor, and Internet personality who is known for posting controversial videos. The last occurrence was the infamous Starbucks red-cup aka “war on Christmas” debacle. The idiot still even records himself vertically on a smartphone.

bush-confusedThe post that was my personal favorite is Early Cracks in My Faith. I revised and enhanced it the other day. It’s probably my favorite because it’s one of the more personal posts for the year, and it’s reflective in nature. When December arrives, I tend be get especially reflective about the past. Do you?

Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers and readers! Peace and be wild.


3 thoughts on “Favorite Post vs Most Popular Post for 2015

  1. I enjoy your blog very much! Until I started sharing my own story, I had no idea it was possible to connect with so many people with similar histories. I had no expectation that anyone would ever read my stories. It has been a delightful surprise to connect with you, other bloggers and readers. I don’t know that I have a favorite post, though. Looking forward to a year of writing.

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