Now Out – Openly Secular

clay-gibneyHi, my name is Clay Gibney. As part of a new post about how I escaped almost becoming a full time minister on the Rational Doubt blog, I decided the timing was right to be openly secular. I’m inspired by the courage of others who have done so.

I’m inspired too by the many brave adults who have decided to come out on #NationalComingOutDay. Especially inspiring are the young people who risk ridicule and bullying by their classmates from sharing their sexual orientation. They deserve our support and encouragement.


7 thoughts on “Now Out – Openly Secular

  1. Congrats, Clay! I’m glad you’re now out and openly secular. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and look forward to future postings.

    I also appreciate your support of LGBT people, especially youth. You mentioned in the last part of your story that you’re the same person at heart — I am too, and I was just telling someone last week (in the wake of coming out myself as a non-Christian to my family and friends) that morally I’m essentially the same person I was before — I don’t rape or steal or do drugs etc. But I hastened to add, there is one notable exception, which is the opposite of what those in my former faith believe: I fully support LGBT people, and their right to marry the one they love, and be free from violence and persecution, and have the same civil rights I do.

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    • Thanks Brent. I think we have lots in common.

      I believe I heard Penn Jillette say this once (I hope I have that right), that in regard to morality without God, he doesn’t need a deity to have morality, and that he has raped, murdered and stolen all that he wants to. And the number of people that he has raped, murdered or stolen from is zero. Because he doesn’t want to do that sort of thing.

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  2. I admire your courage. I hope you don’t get too much aggravation.

    Whilst Peter is my first name I still have not told folk where I live about my loss of faith. A member of my former church just phoned me to invite me to lunch (I declined), this person said that the rumour is that I have suffered a nervous breakdown. At present I am prepared to let that rumour circulate unchallenged as it is less difficult than explaining my loss of faith.

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    • Hi Peter, thanks for the visit. I certainly understand the situation you’re in. Believers find it traumatic and very threatening when one of us leaves the faith. I hope things will get easier for all of us who declare we’re now secular.


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