A Biblical Guide to Marriage Licenses

I think Valerie Tarico is marvelous. Her many posts are truly thought provoking and well written. Her new post entitled “A Biblical Guide to Marriage Licenses” is definitely worth the read.


Kim Davis - Kentucky Marriage LicenseGoats? Zombies? Your mother’s uncle’s wife? Test your knowledge of 19 Iron Age do’s and don’ts.

Some folks believe that America should be subject to biblical law rather than constitutional law, that public servants— like Kentucky clerk Kim Davis—owe their highest allegiance to the Bible, which means they shouldn’t be forced to give out unbiblical marriage licenses—like to gay couples.

The issue, obviously, is contested by a host of liberals, secularists, Satanists and moderate Christians. But assuming that Bible believers and religious freedom advocates carry the day, public servants will need to know their Good Book. I have written elsewhere about biblical justice (If the Bible were Law Would You Qualify for the Death Penalty? and Bible vs Quran—Test Your Knowledge of Who Deserves Death in Which Religion), and readers found those lists illuminating. So, I thought folks might appreciate the following 19 item quiz, which can be used to…

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