(Re-blog) A Relationship with God – Agony or Bliss?

I have enjoyed reading many of the ex-Christian testimonies on the new.exchristian.net website. Admittedly, some are more interesting than others and/or I can relate to certain testimonies better.

In a post that came out today, Rebecca Scharpf writes about her childhood struggles to feel or sense God in her life. Her cries to God went unanswered, and eventually her feelings of unworthiness and depression worsened, and it nearly took her life. It reminded me of an earlier post I did called “Is there a link between religion and mental illness?“.

But back to Rebecca’s story. She spent years in a sincere and diligent pursuit to know God’s love and presence, but all she got was silence. Can you relate? Do give it a read.

A Relationship with God – Agony or Bliss?


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