But That Was the Old Testament

I want to draw attention and highlight this tremendous post from Cole, entitled “But that was the Old Testament”.

Like Cole, I hear that argument far too often and he does a great job of showing how pathetic the argument is.

The Plantlet

Every person ever to criticize a barbaric passage in Leviticus or Deuteronomy has encountered the same hair-splitting caveat: “but that was the Old Testament.” Here are a few words on why this flippant deflection fails in every respect to exonerate Jewish law or the god behind it.

God Doesn’t Change

Two facts about Yahweh irredeemably spoil the “Old Testament” deflection: he is allegedly both perfect and unchanging (“the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow”). If anything he has ever done or said appears less than perfect to you, your carnality is clouding your vision. It follows that if you had been born just a few thousand years ago, it would have been ethical to crack your own daughter’s skull like a coconut for the high crime of working on the Sabbath. Consider the reality of that, if you can. Feel the cool weight of the stone in your hand as you…

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