Video Testimony, Brandon Fibbs

Brandon Fibbs has released another amazing video, which I hope reaches a wide audience. His ability to share his story both visually and audibly in such an incredible way is awe-inspiring.

You can find his original video here or click it below. I’ve also included his “About” text.

“I’ve been asked by many of you to share my deconversion story, and while such an event is far too broad and deep to recount here with any sort of detail, I made this video to convey, at least in part, the broad strokes. The text is a combination of two source documents — an article I wrote for the premiere of “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” (…), on which I worked, and a letter I sent a beloved religious family member who was concerned recent lunar eclipses were ushering in the End Times. As always, I am far less interested in attacking those with whom I used to share a belief system, but rather showing them that I, and the millions like me who have abandoned our faith, have discovered a world of infinitely greater awe and meaning.”


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